משחקים ללא תלות בשפה

26 ינו

רואי מפורום משחקי לוח בתפוז הכין רשימה של כמעט 700 משחקים שונים מרחבי העולם שאינם דורשים מיומנות שפה, מלבד קריאת חוברת ההוראות כמובן…

כנסו לפוסט בכדי לקרוא את הרשימה או להורידה בפורמט PDF!



להלן הרשימה:

+6 Bag O' Munchkins,10 Days in Africa,10 Days in Asia,10 Days in Europe,10 Days in the USA,1807: The Eagles Turn East,1825 Unit 1,1856,1940,1940,1941,24/7 The Game,4 Player Chess,5ive Straight,A House Divided,a la Carte,A Victory Lost,Abalone,Ace of Aces – Handy Rotary Series,Adam & Eva,Adios Amigos,Advanced Squad Leader – Starter Kit #1,Afrikan tähti,Age of Steam Expansion – America / Europe,Age of Steam Expansion – Barbados / St. Lucia,Age of Steam Expansion – Portugal,Age of Steam Expansion – The Moon,Age of Steam Expansion – Washington DC and The Berlin Wall,Aggravation,Airships,Alaska,Alfredo's Food Fight,Alhambra,Ali Baba,Aloha,Amazons,America In Flames,Amun-Re,AmuseAmaze,Amyitis,Animalia,Ants In The Pants,Aqua Romana,Arimaa,Arkadia,Around the World in 80 Days,Assyria,Atlantis,Aton,Atta Ants,Attika,Attila,Auf Fotosafari in Ombagassa,Australia,Ave Caesar,Axis & Allies,Axis & Allies: Pacific,Babylon,Backgammon,Bakari,Balloon Cup,Bananagrams,Barbarossa,Basari,Batik,Battle for Armageddon,"Battle for Cassino, The – Assaulting the Gustav Line, 1944"Battlefleet Gothic,Battleship,Battling Tops,Bausack,Bean Trader,Beep! Beep!,Big City,Big Kini,Big Points,Bingo,Black Box,Blink,Blockster,Blokus,Blokus 3D,Blood Bowl – First Edition,Blood Feud In New York,Blox,Blue Moon City,Blue Moon City: Expansion Tile Sets 1 & 2,Bohnanza,Bohnanza – Erweiterungs Set,Bonnie and Clyde,Boom-O,Borneo,Botts and Balls,Bounce It-In Game,Box of Golf: a Classic Golf Board Game,Brass,Bravery in the Sand,Breakout: Normandy,Breakthrough,BrikWars,Buccaneer,Buccaneer,Buffalo,Bull in a China Shop,Bunny Bunny Moose MooseBurg Appenzell Erweiterung – Völlig mausgeflippt,,Buried Treasure,Buy Low Sell High,Byzantium,Ca$h 'n Gun$,Café International,Café International: Das Kartenspiel,California,Candy Land,Cannes – Stars, Scripts and Screens,Can't Stop,Capitol,Carcassonne,Carcassonne – Abbey & Mayor,Carcassonne – Der Tunnel,Carcassonne – Die Katharer,Carcassonne – Inns & Cathedrals,Carcassonne – King & Scout,Carcassonne – The Count of Carcassonne,Carcassonne – The Cult,Carcassonne – The Mini Expansion,Carcassonne – The Princess & the Dragon,Carcassonne – The River,Carcassonne – The River II,Carcassonne – The Tower,Carcassonne – Traders & Builders,Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers,Carcassonne: The Castle,Carrom,Carson City,Cartagena,Castellers,Catan Dice Game,Catan Dice Game Plus,Catan Dice Game XXL Variant,Catan: Seafarers,Category 5,Cathedral,Cats in a Box: A Game of Feline Photography,Caylus,Caylus Expansion: The Jeweller,Caylus Magna Carta,Caylus Magna Carta – The Library,Cephalopod,Chase,Chateau Roquefort,Checkers,Cheeky Monkey,ChessChicago Express,Chicken Cha Cha Cha,China,Chinatown,Chinese Checkers,Circus Flohcati,Civilization Western Extension Map,Clans,Cloud 9,Clue Express,Coco Crazy,Coda,Coloretto,Colosseum,Comuni,Condottiere,Connect Four,Connect6,Conquistador,Container: the Second Shipment,Cornerstone,Corps Command: Totensonntag,Corsaro – Irrfahrt im Piratenmeer,Cribbage,Critter In The Candy,Crokinole,Crossbows and Catapults,Crossfire,Cubiko,Curious George Match-a-Balloon Game,Curling Table Game,Daddy Cool,Dancing Eggs,Dante's Inferno,David & Goliath,Dawn Under,Days of Steam,Daytona 500,De Bellis Multitudinis,De Kolonisten van Catan: De Woestijnruiters,Decision in France,Defenders of ClayArt,Demono,Diabolo,Diamant,Diamonds Club,Dicke Dämonen,Die Dolmengötter,Die Macher,Die Sieben Siegel,Die Siedler von Catan – Die große Karawane,Diplomacy,Dog,Doppelkopf,Doubles Wild,Dragonland,Duel in the Dark,Dust,DVONN,EastFront II,Einauge sei wachsam!,Einfach Genial: Das Kartenspiel,El Caballero,El Capitán,Elasund: The First City of Catan,Elfenland,Enchanted Forest,Endeavor,Entdecker,Entenrallye,Executive Decision,Expedition,Fairy Tale,Farlander,Fearsome Floors,Felix: The Cat in the Sack,Feudo,Fiji,Fire and Ice,Fische Fluppen Frikadellen,FITS,Fjords,Flaschenteufel,Flinch,Flinke Flitzer,Flix Mix,Floriado,Fluch der Mumie,Focus,For Sale,Formula D,Formula D Circuits 1 – Sebring & Chicago,Formula Dé,Formula Dé Circuits 17 & 18 – Buenos-Aires & Barcelona,Fox and Geese,Frank's Zoo,Freight Train,Funkenschlag – EnBW Edition,Funkenschlag – Flux-Generator,Funny Bunny,Funny Fishing,Galloping Pigs,Gangster,Geistertreppe,GemBlo,Genji,Get Bit!,Get the Goods,Ghost Stories,Ghost Stories: Chuck No-Rice,Ghost Stories: The Guardhouse Expansion,Ghost Stories: The Village People Expansion,Ghosts!,Ghoulash,GiftTRAP,GIPF,GIPF Project Set 3,Gisborne: Die ersten Kartographen,Glik,Go,Go Away Monster!,GobbletGoko no Saikoro,Gold Connection,Goldbräu,Goldland,Go-Moku,Gone Fishing!,Gonzaga,Grand National Derby,Great Chili Cookoff,Great Wall of China,Greed,Greyhounds,Guess Who,Gulo Gulo,Hamsterrolle,Hansa,Hansa Teutonica,Havannah,Heimlich & Co.,Hex,Hey! That's My Fish!,Hibernia,Hide & Seek Safari,High Score,High Society,Himalaya,Hive,Hnefatafl,Hollywood Blockbuster,Home Alone,Hordes of the Things,Hornochsen,Hungry Hungry Hippos,Husker Du?,Ice Flow,If Wishes Were Fishes,Igel Ärgern,Ilium,I'm the Boss,In the Shadow of the Emperor,In the Year of the Dragon,Incan Gold,Ingenious,Ingenious: Travel Edition,Inquisitio,Intrigue,Invers,It's Mine!,Jalokivipeli,Jamaica,Jenga,Jericho,Jetzt schlägt's 13,Jungle Speed,Jungle Speed: All In,Junior Labyrinth,Just4Fun,Kahuna,Kakerlaken-Poker,Kakerlakensalat,Kaleidos,Kamisado,Katego,Katzenjammer Blues,Keltis,Keltis – Neue Wege, Neue Ziele,Ker Plunk,Khet: The Laser Game,King Arthur – Das Kartenspiel,King Me!,King of the Hill,Kingdoms,Kings & Things,King's Breakfast,Kings in the Corner,Klickado,Klondike,Klunker,Knockabout,Kogworks,Kontor,Kreta,Krysis,L Game,La Isla Bohnitâ,Ladybohn,Le Truc,League of Six,Leinen Los!,Leonardo da Vinci,Lexio,Liar's Dice,Lifeboats,Lines of Action,Loco!,Loopin' Louie,Loopit,Lord of the Rings,Lost Cities,Machiavelli,Magna Grecia,Mago Magino,Maharaja: Palace Building in India,Mahjong,Make 'n' Break,Mall of Horror,Mamma Mia!,Mancala,Mandarin,Manhattan,Manila,Maori,March to Victory: West Front 1914-1916,Marracash,Marrakech,Martinique,Master LabyrinthMastermind,Mastermind Challenge,Masters of Venice,Max,Maya,Medici,Medina,Mégawatts,Melee,Memoir '44 – Winter/Desert Board Map,Merlin,Metro,Metropolys,Meuterer,Mexica,Mission Scorpio,Mississippi Queen,Modern ArtModern Art: The Card Game,,Money!,Monkey Lab,Monkey Madness,Monza,Mordred,Mow,Mr. Jack,Mr. Jack in New York,Mü & Lots More,Munchkin Kill-O-Meter,Munchkin Official T-shirts,Munchkin Wicked Dice & Bag,Mutton,Mykerinos,Mystery Garden,Napoleon's Triumph,Neuland,Neuroshima Hex!,New World: A Carcassonne Game,Niagara,No Better Place to Die,No Thanks!,Notre Dame,Novem,O Zoo le Mio,Oasis,Octi,On the Dot,On the Underground,O'NO 99,Opera,Operation,Oregon,Origo,Othello,Pachisi,Pack & Stack,PAC-MAN Game,Palazzo,Paris Paris,Patrician,Peloponnes,Penguin,Penguin Pile-Up,Pentago,Pente,Phase 10,Phoenicia,Pickomino,Pictionary,Pipeline,Pirateer,Pit,PitchCar,PitchCar Extension,PitchCar Mini,Planet Steam,Ploy,Poison,Poker,Polarity,Power Grid,Power Grid – Benelux/Central Europe,Power Grid – France/Italy,Power Grid – The New Power Plants Cards,Powerboats,Pretty Pretty Princess,Pueblo,PÜNCT,Pylos,Pyramis,Quarto!,Quinamid,Quo Vadis?,Quoridor Kid,Qwirkle,Ra,Ra: The Dice Game,Rack-O,RailRoad Dice,Raj,Ramses Pyramid,Rat-a-Tat Cat,Razzia,R-Eco,Reef Encounter,Res Publica,Ricochet Robots,Risk,Risk Express,Roads and Boats,RoboRally – Radioactive,Robot Master,Rommel in the Desert,Rosenkönig,Rum & Pirates,Rummikub,Rythme and Boulet,Saboteur,Saigo no Kane,Saint Petersburg,Sakkara,Samurai,San Marco,Santiago,Santy Anno,Schildi Schildkröte,Scotland Yard,Seastrike,Secret Labyrinth,Sequence,Sequence for Kids,Serenissima,Seti,Settlers of Catan – The Fishermen of Catan,Settlers of Catan – The Great River,Shadows over Camelot: A Company of Knights,Shanghaien,Shark,Sharp Shooters,Shear Panic,Sherlock,Shipwrecked,Shipyard,Shogun,Siam,Skip-bo,Skyline of the World,Sleuth,Slide 5,Small World,Snorta!,Snow Tails,Sopwith,Sorry! Sliders,Space Dealer,Spiel der Türme,Splash Attack!,Stay Alive,Steam,Steel Driver,Stephenson's Rocket,Sternenhimmel,Sticheln,Stone Age,Stonewall in the Valley,Stonewall Jackson's Way,Storm Over Arnhem,Stratego,Straw,Street Illegal,Streetcar,StreetSoccer,Subbuteo,SuDoku: Das Brettspiel,Sushi Express,Taj Mahal,Take it Easy!,Taluva,TAMSK,Tannhäuser,Tantrix,Tanz der Hornochsen,Targui,Terrace,That's Life!,The aMAZEing Labyrinth,The BoardGameGeek Game,The Damned Die Hard,The Downfall of Pompeii,The Game of Y,The Great Dalmuti,The Hanging Gardens,The Kids of Carcassonne,The Kids Of Catan,The Legend of Landlock,The Mole in the Hole,The Sword and the Flame,The Thief of Baghdad,Thebes,Through the Desert,Thurn and Taxis,Tichu,Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912,Ticket to Ride: Europe,Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition,Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries,Ticket to Ride: Switzerland,Ticket to Ride: The Card Game,Ticket to Ride: The Dice Expansion,Ticket to Ride: USA 1910,Tiddledy Winks,Tier auf Tier,Tigris & Euphrates,Tikal,Titan,Tobago,Toledo,Tonga Bonga,Tongiaki,Too Many Cooks,Torpedo Run!,Torres,Tower of Babel,Traboulet,Traders of Carthage,Trafalgar,TransAmerica,Traverse,Trax,T-Rex,Tripoley,Trouble,Tsuro,Tulipmania 1637,Tumblin-Dice,Tunisia,TurfMaster Course Collection 1,Turn The Tide,Tutankhamen,Twister,Twixt,TZAAR,Ubongo,Ubongo BMM,Ubongo Extreme,Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition,Union Pacific,UNO,Uno-Moo!,Uptown,Upwords,Valdora,Vasco da Gama,Venice Connection,Verräter,Vexation,Victory in the Pacific,Vikings,Villa Paletti,Visionary,Viva Topo!,VOC! – Founding the Dutch East Indies Company,Volcano,Vom Kap bis Kairo,Vulkan!,Waldschattenspiel,Walk the Dogs,Warcraft: The Boardgame,Warehouse Elves,Warhammer 40000 4th Edition,Warriors of God,Wasabi!,Waterloo,Web of Power,Werewolf,Werewolves of Miller's Hollow,What's in Ned's Head?,Wings of War – Famous Aces,Wings of War – The Dawn of World War II,Wizard,Wolf in Disguise,Wolsung: The Boardgame,Wool Rules,World in Flames,World in War: Combined Arms 1939-1945,XiangQiXochintlan,Xtreme Takeover,Yahtzee,Yellowstone Park,YINSH,You Robot,You're Bluffing!,Ys,Yspahan,Zanzibar,Zapp Zerapp,Zendo,ZÈRTZ,Zingo,Zomax,Zooloretto,Zooloretto – Building Sites,Zoom Street: Mastermind Junior.

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